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Capsulas Educativas en Competencias Digitales (Education Capsules in Digital Competencies)

The development of digital teaching skills is fundamental for the improvement of teaching and learning processes and the redesign of classes in the changing and uncertain educational context that we are living.

We must rethink the teaching role and traditional approaches not only to help students in their own learning; also for teachers to see ICT as allies to create, adapt and personalize educational experiences that promote creative and meaningful learning.

In this webinar we will analyze what are these digital skills and the format of training capsules, which propose short and effective activities to provide teachers with techno-pedagogical content, strategies and tools for the development of specific digital skills. A modality of learning from the doing, which allows a prompt implementation in the class achieving successful results in the teaching and learning processes.

Enrolled: 4 students
Lectures: 1
Video: 1h


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