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Engineering Pedagogy underway to Education 4.0

This webinar is from the IFEES GEDC Library. Engineering Pedagogy as an educational science identifies and analyzes the social demand and formulates it in terms of its aims; researches and determines the necessary content; selects or works out adequate technologies, methods, and teaching aids fitting the target audience (learners) and learning environment. 

In other words, Engineering Pedagogy provides answers to well-known basic questions: What for? (Aims), What? (Content), Whom? (Learners), Where? (Environment), With what? (Aids), and How? (Methods).

As a result, a recommended pedagogical model is launched into an educational system that is able to secure projected learning outcomes. Throughout the implementation, the model is likely to be adjusted. Thus, we can define the mission of Engineering Pedagogy as being the scientific foundation for transforming the social demand for professional engineers into satisfying results through the system of engineering education.

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The current situation is characterized by rapid changes in modern society, revolutionary development of technologies connected with the 4th Industrial Revolution and “Industry 4.0”. It is obvious that “Industry 4.0” needs now or will need in the immediate future “Education 4.0”. The speaker presents her vision of the main current objectives of Engineering Pedagogy, describes the factors that should be taken into consideration in the search for the answers to the basic pedagogical questions, the reasons that make the search more challenging than ever before. Presented by Tatiana Polyakova

Enrolled: 13 students
Lectures: 1
Video: 1h 1min


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