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Post-Pandemic: How To Turn Everything We Learned From Virtual Labs Into A Hybrid Approach

This webinar is from the IFEES-GEDC webinar library.

In the last six months, educators from around the world have had to reevaluate the ways they deliver their lectures and labs.

As new semesters have begun, many faculty and administration have transitioned from thinking of how to just sustain their courses to what is the optimal way to deliver experiences and leverage the new possibilities of distance and hybrid education.

Educators can now give students the ability to self-direct their lab activities in the comfort of their own home and seamlessly deploy that exploration on the physical system when they come back into the lab just like before the pandemic. 

In this webinar, we will describe how you can do that and share how you can use this approach to start and interject the benefits of a hybrid education model into your course. 

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Paul Karam: As Quanser’s Director of Engineering, Paul Karam has spent the last 10 years leading the engineering team in its mandate to develop transformational lab solutions that empower a global community of educators and researchers.


Paul’s vision and guidance is essential to ensuring that the R&D team is able to deliver solutions that are effective, sustainable, and academically appropriate. Paul plays a key role in the agile development process, which focuses on assisting our partners to attain their educational, research and development goals. He drives innovation in key emerging applications, including Autonomy, Artificial Intelligence, Self-Driving Cars.


In recent months in response to the pandemic, Paul led the team that has refined the delivery of physical lab experience to creating a suite of virtual lab experiences with digital representations of classic Quanser hardware allowing for meaningful, engaging, and exciting controls lab experiences.


Before assuming his current position, Paul managed Quanser’s industrial projects and robotics technologies for six years. He holds an honours bachelor degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Waterloo, Canada.

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Video: 35min


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