Skills for Safety Engineering a Safer World

Engineering Skills Where They Are Most Needed is a programme supported by The Royal Academy of Engineering and Lloyds Register Foundation in the UK.

It is an important component of Engineering X, an international collaboration addressing some of the great challenges of our age. Safety is a key aspect of all engineering endeavours and population growth in emerging economies is driving huge investment in critical infrastructure.

However, a skills gap that is exacerbated by a reliance on multinational organisations and temporary, non-domestic workforces is limiting capability to operate and maintain such infrastructure safely. One of the key elements of the Engineering Skills programme is the establishment of a Safety Champions in Engineering Education.

This Fellowship aims to bring together senior academics from around the world who are dedicated to improving the awareness and understanding of safety among their students. In this webinar Professor Peter Goodhew FREng, the Chair of the Engineering Skills programme, will describe the background and purpose of this programme and the opportunities to participate in it.

Skills for Safety Engineering a Safer World
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