Skills for Safety Engineering a Safer World

This course is from the IFEES GEDC library. Engineers today need much more than just sound technical training. They need a broad set of skills that includes communication, teamwork, leadership, ethical reasoning and social and cultural awareness. They will work in teams that cross disciplinary, country and continental boundaries and create new fields and disciplines. Students crave more than the traditional classroom experience and many around the world are motivated by helping to make the world a better place. We, as engineering educators, can help prepare them for exciting and rewarding careers while we show them how to make the world better as undergraduate students.

Community-engaged learning is a pedagogy that integrates academic learning and work that serves the local or global community within the curriculum. Examples, including the EPICS Program headquartered at Purdue University, will be presented along with ways to integrate the principles into our own institutions.

Skills for Safety Engineering a Safer World
Quiz - Skills for Safety Engineering a Safer World
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