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The WFEO Academy provides training and builds capacity for accreditation bodies and professional engineering institutions, enabling them to achieve international standards and the requirements of signatory status of the International Engineering Alliance. It also provides training for engineering educators to develop the curriculum and pedagogies for outcomes based education that are also a key requirement to achieve these international benchmarks. A third component is training for qualified engineers, technologists and technicians for essential skills in areas such as safety, risk, project management, ethics and leadership that are required across all disciplines and are essential for competent and responsible practice. 

This training and capacity building is essential capacity building. Technology and innovation has been used to transfer knowledge to economies where more engineers with the right skills are urgently needed for sustainable development and to ensure that no
one is left behind.

The training

The training materials draw on the existing webinar resources of the members, affiliates and partners of the Federation.  These webinars thus gain a wider audience and greater utilization. This is a sustainable approach, using the knowledge and good well of hundreds of experts that have given their time willingly for the webinars and will build knowledge and skills in the spirit of the UNESCO Open Science Recommendations. The training is available on demand, at any time and any place around the world, in more than 100 languages. The content is available at no cost to individuals that are members and affiliates of the Federation.

This project is a world first

This project is a world first. It uses innovation and advanced technology to make content available inclusively to all. Individuals will be encouraged to register and take up the courses in their own time and pace and will be issued with certificates of completion with additional bronze, silver and gold awards to encourage the uptake of multiple courses. We hope that men and women engineers will take up this opportunity to develop their skills.

The website

This website has been developed on a small budget from UNESCO and using volunteer resources. We urgently need more funds to expand the scope of the training that is being provided, develop targeted courses for specific training requirements where there are gaps in available webinars and for ongoing support for the programme.

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The World Federation of Engineering Organizations (WFEO) is an international non-governmental organization representing the engineering profession worldwide. Founded on 4 March 1968 under the auspices of UNESCO, WFEO brings together national and regional engineering institutions from some 100 nations and represents more than 30 million engineers.

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